Let me introduce myself...

An introduction to Ruthful Tech and what to expect from the blog.

8/1/20232 min read

Hey there 👋🏾! My name is Ruth, I am a Pharmacist turned Software Engineer who decided to blog about it (along with other stuff I find interesting).

I am a 20-something-year-old living in London. I studied Pharmacy at University and worked in the world of pharmacy after graduating. I decided to teach myself how to code back in 2021 with no intention of becoming a Software Engineer. I ran a graphic design business and was trying to expand the services I offered to clients. I thought web development would be a useful one however, acknowledged that non-code website builders had limitations in terms of the level of personalisation they offered. As a result, I started looking into front-end web development and, long story short, fell in love with coding and eventually bagged myself a software engineering job 🥳. (Don't worry, I will talk more about my journey in future posts.)

Unfortunately, this isn't my first blog. I had a blog around the tender age of 14 where I would give (unsolicited) fashion advice that I had no right giving. View it below (at your discretion).

Anyways, ultimately, I've always been someone who loves writing and giving advice. As I started getting more questions from the people in my life in regards to what software development was and how they could make the switch into tech too, I knew that this was something others wanted to hear. I decided to write a blog to have my experiences and learnings in one place in the hopes of inspiring and educating those who are passionate about technology and/or are considering transitioning into a tech career.

What to Expect from This Blog

I will be sharing my journey on how I transitioned from a Pharmacist to a Software Engineer including advice and resources you can use to pivot. I will be documenting my technical learnings as well as coding projects that I'm working on. My other interests include wellness and self-development so these themes may creep up from time to time.

You can expect new posts every Monday, so remember to subscribe to the newsletter to get alerts directly to your inbox.

I look forward to you coming on this blogging journey with me!