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A bit about me

My name is Ruth, and I am a 20-something year old Pharmacist turned Software Engineer. After dedicating five years to studying Pharmacy and working in the community pharmacy sector, I made a bold decision to pivot my career path and pursue my passion for technology. It was a daring leap, considering the time invested (and the daunting student debt I accumulated), but I firmly believed that spending most of my waking hours doing something I actually enjoyed was essential for a fulfilling life.

My Journey

I began teaching myself how to code and fell in love with the world of tech. The rapid growth of the tech industry and the boundless potential of coding to solve real-world problems captivated me. I realised that this excitement for technology didn't have to remain a mere hobby; it could be my new career. And so, with perseverance, I eventually secured my first software engineering role at an investment bank in London 🥳.

turned-on flat screen TV
turned-on flat screen TV
Why I created ruthfultech

As a self-taught software engineer (especially with an unconventional background), I appreciate how difficult and overwhelming it can be to navigate the tech space. My aim, with this blog, is to demystify the complexities of coding and provide practical insights I gained from my own experience. I want to help you find your footing in the tech world by providing valuable tips on learning how to code, offering useful resources, and advice helping you secure your first tech role. My aim is to empower you to grow both personally and technically.

Documenting the Journey

Being a relative newcomer to the field, I am excited to document my own learnings and advice, creating a path for others to follow (or avoid). The blog serves as a bank of knowledge and inspiration for new or aspiring software engineers.

Finding Fulfilment

Furthermore, as a passionate advocate for career fulfilment, I'm committed to equipping you with the tools and mindset necessary to never settle for a job, but to find work that you love and that brings genuine fulfilment.

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